Bill Ricardi

Bill Ricardi is a fantasy author from Belfast in the U.K. He has a bent for writing the unusual.

In addition to Another Stupid Trilogy and The Blackstaff Siblings, which are his two fantasy series centred around the world of Panos, Bill is the author of The Ihy Saga, which involves a young man becoming the avatar of the Egyptian god of music in the modern world. His latest series, Our Seelie World, explores the role of the fae in rural New England.

Bill has a wonderful life partner, and a giant cat named Loki. Both enjoy tormenting him.

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Another Stupid Trilogy

Another Stupid Trilogy is a first person high fantasy series, the likes of which hasn't been seen in 60 years. The tone and vocabulary of the tale shifts as our narrator, Sorch the orc, finds ways to enhance his intelligence. You get to grow as Sorch grows, learn as he learns, and share his most intimate thoughts.

Sorch is an orc mage in a world where orcs are cursed with stupidity every time they cast a spell. While foraging for food one fateful night, our hero happens upon two human mages who are in big trouble. He saves their lives, and in return they give him an amulet that will make his life easier. Unbeknownst to the humans, their gift grants Sorch the power to break the cycle of intelligence drain and physical abuse. With the help of his friend and mentor, Shaman, Sorch becomes a real mage.

Sorch leaves his swamp and embarks on a series of incredibly exciting and dangerous adventures. During his travels he encounters horrible injury, magical treasures, love, snow, university admissions tests, a plot against the Kingdom, and then of course he saves the world. Or does he?

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Another Stupid Spell

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Sorch is a former orc mage, and the prisoner of a demon worshiping cult that is trying to steal his nightmares. One jailbreak later and Sorch is unleashed upon the world once again. But this time, he's not so sure that he wants to go back to a life of magic and adventure. Being the smartest orc on all of Panos wasn't all fun and games.

With the help of a new friend, Sorch rediscovers his purpose in life. He embarks on a quest to save his friends, who were trapped on another plane of existence. During his travels he encounters more horrible injury, more magical treasures, casual love, university midterms, a plot against Panos, and then of course he saves the world. Or does he?

Another Stupid Demon is available on Amazon and many other online retailers. You can read it on just about any PC, Mac, phone, tablet, or E-book reader by downloading the free Kindle E-book reader (U.S., U.K., Canada) and adding Another Stupid Demon to your library.

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Another Stupid Demon

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After destroying the possessed Voodoo Engine that threatened to enslave his tribe and start the next Great War, Sorch took some much needed time away from the peril of adventure. In the two years that followed, Sorch finished his arcane education and learned to be a real father to his recently discovered son, Benno. But the world wasn't done with Sorch and his family just yet. Drought, flooding, and deadly creatures driven up from the depths of the earth itself threatened to destroy cities and towns all over the world. It would take the two smartest orcs on Panos, and all of their brave friends, to discover the forces that threatened to tear the planet apart.

In a race against time, Sorch is forced to lead his family into unparalleled danger. During his travels he encounters even more horrible injury, even more magical treasures, yetis, the power of fatherhood, frightening school children, an ancient threat to all of Panos, and then of course he saves the world. Or does he?

Another Stupid Apocalypse is available on Amazon and many other online retailers. You can read it on just about any PC, Mac, phone, tablet, or E-book reader by downloading the free Kindle E-book reader (U.S., U.K., Canada) and adding Another Stupid Apocalypse to your library.

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Another Stupid Apocalypse

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This digital box set contains the complete 'Another Stupid Trilogy' story line; an unabridged collection of Sorch's adventures through Panos! And as a BONUS, we've included Sorch's origin story: 'Shaman's Fable'.

Bill Ricardi's debut fantasy series, written as the first person diary of an orc who wanted to live a braver life, was an immediate sensation. Podium Publishing quickly secured the audiobook rights, helping to propel 'Another Stupid Trilogy' into the hearts of fantasy fans around the globe.

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Another Stupid Trilogy

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The Blackstaff Siblings

The Blackstaff Siblings is a third person, Young Adult high fantasy series, set in the world of Panos. It takes place around 16 years after the events of 'Another Stupid Apocolypse'.

Lifting the ancient orc curse and destroying the Arcane Syphons should have brought peace to Panos. But one generation later, a new force brings destruction from the skies. With the northern elf lands ablaze, Sarah and Granite flee for their lives. Together the children of Parsnip must find new allies, reunite with their family, and discover why shadowy new factions have taken a personal interest in them.

Sarah, a half elf mage attending the Arcane University and very distant heir to the throne of Civilia, thought that this was going to be a nice walk in the woods. She had dragged off her older half brother Granite, a half orc journeyman ranger, so that he could help her to collect some material components for the new school year.

Neither of the Blackstaff siblings expected their little trip to be interrupted by fire raining down from the sky. And they certainly had no clue that a ragtag mercenary army would use this natural disaster as an opportunity to invade the sovereignty of the northern elves.

On the run, Sarah and Granite decide to head towards one of the emergency sanctuaries set up by the elven mages of Civilia. But the siblings find out that the magical portal is both guarded and unstable. With more devastation raining down all around them, sister and brother have no choice but to break through the mercenary squad's defenses and make a leap of faith into the flickering portal.

Sarah finds herself far from home, in cold and snowy foothills. Neither she nor her brother were prepared for the harsh elements. Nor were they prepared for the mercenary army's dogged pursuit.

Now the clever young mage and her fiercely loyal brother not only have to survive, but they also need to find new allies that can help answer the questions that haunt them: Are their parents still alive? Why can nobody reach the elven royal family? Was the firestorm a natural event, or something far more sinister? Finally, who are these invaders, and what do they want with the Blackstaff siblings?

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A Princess of Last Resort

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Prisoner. Prince. Sacrifice. As the captive of the People of the New Hum, Granite is all of these things. Bartered away by his half sister in order to rescue the rest of their friends, the journeyman half orc ranger starts to lose himself. Anger and hopelessness threaten to overwhelm him.

But a dying falconer sends his most beloved companion, Belinda the gyrfalcon, to bond with the captive prince. She introduces him to a world inside of his own mind, and helps to prepare him for the trials to come. Can the abandoned young man and his new winged ally survive the trials of the Igneous Citadel?

Half a world away, Sarah and her companions search for answers about the invasion of the northern elflands. Their quest leads them to the doorstep of an ancient evil so dire, it was locked away by the gods themselves. All the while, Sarah must endure the pain of sacrificing her brother, and weather the resentment of her companions.

Can the Blackstaff siblings survive, when Panos itself seems hellbent on their destruction? Or will the wedge driven between them prove to be the source of their downfall?

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A Falconer's Guide to Dying

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The Fastest Blade is the free short story, taking place between the end of 'Another Stupid Apocalypse' but prior to the start of 'A Princess of Last Resort'.

Wendell is the worst paladin in The Order of the Snow. He's small, he swears, he loses his temper, and his relationship with Aro-Remset is turbulent at best. The wererat is also one of the most frightening combatants that the Order has ever seen.

Entering the National Duelists Competition was a selfish whim, or so he thought. Can the diminutive paladin use the experience to chase down the demons that haunt him?

Read The Fastest Blade online, or download the Kindle file.

The Ihy Saga

The Ihy Saga is a third person, Young Adult urban fantasy series, based on an alternate Earth where the powers of certain ancient Egyptian gods are returning.

At the turn of the century, the world was introduced to a group of 72 physical mystics called the ‘Host’. Hosted individuals have struck a bargain with Ihy, Egyptian god of music, pleasure, lust, and fertility. A Host shares their mind and body with one of Ihy’s children, keeping them safe and ‘feeding’ them with sensations from the vast array of human experience. In exchange, the Host receives supernatural powers based on the kind of music they’re listening to at any given time. This allows them to bend physics, have supernatural strength and agility, and even influence the hearts and minds of those around them… if the right tune is playing.

Check out the The Ihy Saga Wiki for all of the details.

'Rhythm' follows Lucas Andrews, known as ‘Lucky’ to his friends. Lucas is a young man who managed to become legally emancipated from his abusive parents. On paper he lives with the family of his deceased best friend, but in reality they can’t afford to keep him. Instead, Lucas lives in an old station wagon parked in the Massachusetts woodlands. He endures constant bullying at school. He's able to muddle through the pain, work in a record store in order to earn food money, and quietly finish school as a straight B student.

On the morning of his 17th birthday, Lucky gets the offer of a lifetime. He's invited to become a Host if he willingly shares his body with Ihy's son, Izadore. After weighing all the pros and cons, Lucas accepts the god’s offer and is merged with ‘Izy’. This fateful decision puts Lucas on a dangerous path. Being a Host also means being hunted. Will Lucas and Izadore be able to hone the power of their new partnership in time? Or will they be overrun by forces who will do anything, including murder, in order to maintain the religious status-quo?

The full playlist for 'Rhythm' is now online.

You can check out the YouTube trailer here.

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Zealots and gangsters and Voids, oh my. Sometimes working for the god of sex and music isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Lucas Andrews, known as ‘Lucky’ to his friends, is on the run. As a Host, he willingly shares his body with the spirit of Izadore, one of Ihy’s 72 sons and daughters from Ancient Egypt. Hunted by religious extremists, their music-inspired powers spiralling out of control, the pair flees to New York City in order to pursue the only course of action that they’ve been given: Find one of the legendary Muses of Apollo.

But the big city offers big problems and precious few solutions. Just as Lucas and Izadore start to find personal and financial success, they’re plunged into metaphysical chaos and mortal danger. Will they be able to find the right help and training in time? Or will the nebulous Void or their dogged pursuers catch up to the pair and silence them forever?

The full playlist for 'Cadence' is now online.

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Still Standing is the free holiday short story, taking place towards the end of the novel 'Cadence', but over a thousand miles South in the city of New Orleans.

Bo is the Host of an ancient Egyptian spirit named Rashida. The two of them are in a New Orleans bar celebrating the holidays when they meet Ally, who is being mocked by her ex boyfriend from the other side of the bar. When Bo allows his unusual religious affiliation to slip, there's trouble.

The question is: Can a simple three minute song save the holiday season for three lost souls?

Read Still Standing online, or download the Kindle file.

Our Seelie World

In the enchanted hills of rural New England, a reward awaits those who would perfect life's great recipe. Ingredients: Bravery, tenacity, and a dash of love. Experience the wonders of the fae, and their subtle influence on Our Seelie Earth. 'The Seelie Recipe' is a romantic mythic fantasy for the ages.

Olivia Mullins, a recent culinary school graduate from Vermont, risks everything she owns to buy a food truck and pursue her dream of creating lunchtime masterpieces using local ingredients. Her best customer is Red, a shy young artist with very particular tastes.

When their relationship starts to blossom outside of the world of food, Olivia discovers her new boyfriend's amazing secret. Can she handle the pressure of running her small business while exploring the mysteries of Red's fascinating, magical world?

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The Seelie Recipe

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Other Works

Taking place in the past of another Earth, which we'll call 'OthEarth', 'Mind of a Witness' is the tale of Andy. Andy is the physical and spiritual surrogate for his Queen, a bond that allows him to be a Witness. A Witness cannot lie. A Witness' word is considered indisputable fact. And a Witness can reach into the realm of demons to find power, protected from all possible corruption by the Queen’s divine purity.

Faced with an unexpected visit from the werewolves on the southern border, the Queen has a new task for Andy: Take the lupine Prince out on a royal hunt, despite the Witness' feelings about the species. Neither of them could know the dangerous and long lasting consequences of such a simple little jaunt in the woods.

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Mind of a Witness

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Another Stupid Trilogy to be published by Podium in Audiobook format!

The people who were responsible for rocketing 'The Martian' into the hearts and minds of millions saw something special. They saw a brave, smart orc who needed a home.

Bill Ricardi has signed on with the legendary Podium Publishing to give Sorch a voice. 'Another Stupid Trilogy' is coming to audiobook format! Award winning voice actor and 2017 Audie finalist James Patrick Cronin will be voice of Sorch.

Let's meet the rest of the Podium team:

  • Acquisitions and Author Liaison: Victoria Gerken
  • Associate Producer: Emily Derr
  • Cover Designer: Alexandre Rito
  • Casting and Production Associate: Tamara Marston
  • CEO, Publisher, Co-Founder: Greg Lawrence
  • Finance/Administration: Jessica Cordner

On behalf of Rick, Loki, myself, and of course Sorch and his family, I want to thank Podium Publishing for the chance to reach the hearts, minds, and ears of millions.

Preview the exclusive audio prequel story, 'Shaman's Fable' or buy the Audible version of 'Another Stupid Spell', 'Another Stupid Demon', and 'Another Stupid Apocolypse'.


Me Smart Orc!

'Me Smart Orc!' is a free Pick A Path Adventure game set in the world of Panos. You play the role of Lizzy, Shaman's flying lizard. Your quest: Protect Dunwart, a promising apprentice mage of the Jeywafa orc tribe. What's the catch? In the world of Panos, orcs get dumber every time they cast a spell. And Dunwart LOVES casting spells.

'Me Smart Orc!' is available as a free download on Steam.

A Mac and Linux friendly version is available on the web.

YouTube trailer is amusing.

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